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17th-Mar-2015 11:07 pm - Weekly meme #2 : What's Up ?!
Kdrama recap fits perfectly in the thematic of my day !
I went to a korean restaurant earlier today with my new friend from School. She is from Seoul so I let her stir the bibimbap like a pro and enjoy the delicious food !!!! [I look super excited about eating all this wonderful food]
IMG-20150317-WA0003 IMG_20150317_161906

We also went to a bubble tea shop after :)

Now let's talk about What's Up !

OKay first of all this opening. ARE YOU EFFIN KIDDING ME! WHAT IS THIS SONG!!! Litteraly every school in France was singing this song in music class when the movie came out. NO EXCEPTION. EVERYONE.WAS.SINGING.IT. So I couldn't handle this song as an opening. Especially since there is this very melancholic sad but with still a little optimism vibe to it. And with everyone looking sad and wearing black I fear a dramatic death D: Also I will have to get into this yellow ballon symbolic once I know more about this entire situation.
For me the opening scene was A++. The song choice was on point and I like how they introduce us to the characters with a short silent (in the sence of non talking) portray of each one of them. It was aesthetically pleasing and it captured my attention.

Stealing drunk people's wallet is probably the best business ever! Drunk people on the streets are obnoctious they deserve to get their wallet stolen by a team of young and sexy thieves who are very bad at pretending to be hit. Any football player is better at [simulating] they are payed for this after all ^^
But damn that situation escalated quickly !! I am so sad my baby grandpa from My Love from another Star died before even being in the show. Let's say that it saved me some pain.

I love how Hades embodies the life of the idols. With all this mask symbolic and how fans and especially paparazzis forget that there are REAL PEOPLE underneath the costumes. I'm super curious about how his character/arc is going to evolve. His audition was obviously flawless (lol@ how camerawoman cheered for him at the end). Loved the progression and how he got more and more into the song and its emotions as he was singing. Cute baby chicken be cute. It's pretty fun how his stage name is Hades but irl he is a introverted shy little fluff (tots in love with Tae Yi and her cute fluffy hat and gloves and her quirky energy).
Tae Yi, cutest little fluffy mess. She and Jae Hun would be the worst and the best team-workers ever, they both have great energy but babes you need to focus and dicipline yourselves. I so can imagine them sitting in the school libraby till 2am and not being able to finish an assignment due for the next day. (Do Sung litteraly dies every time the three of them have to do group assignments together, because he knows he will have to do all most of the work himself).

I don't even konw where to start with Jae Hun... BOOM!BOOM! *overly intense heartbeat* this is how you know you've fallen in love with something. Lol forever at his mom for making fun of him. This was the best! And his audition. I expected nothing less. It's hilarious how proud he was of his little show. Jea Hun in all his glory.

Also ngl the cast is hot. Nothing to complain about.

I'm excited about episode 2!! :D
Princess Mononoke is my Queen !
Today I shall talk about my fandom experience for kwritten ! (I know I'm late but when am I ever going to be on time ?)

Fandom TalkCollapse )
Oh! Regarde! Des oiseaux!
I have written this a while ago (when the Heirs was still actual) and I know even though it's not really finished I will never end the writing of this fic, so I thought I should post it tel quel and now ohterwise I never would. I added one sentence at the end + a few changes while typing, but apart from that it is pretty how I left this fic.
If you notice some weird things or feel awkward about a sentence (I mos def do!) or spot a spelling mistake or anything please let me know ! :)

Also the meme is not forgotten, it’s just a little complicated right now.

I don’t know how I’m supposed to introduce this but basically :
Fandom : The Heirs
Characters : Rachel/Eun Sang
Words : ~ 700
Warnings : do not read if you’re not interested in girls making out, I think that’s all you need to know.

this is how Rachel and Eun Sang end up kissing in the girl's bathroomCollapse )
Princess Mononoke is my Queen !
So apparently I'm doing a Talking Meme this month. If you wanna know why talk to ever_neutral and vergoldung.

You can ask me stuff, whatever you would like to know. It can be fandom related, personal, or very random. I don't have any preferences so whatever you would like me to talk about is fine by me. If you don't know (or are uncertain about) which fandom I'm in you can ask me before prompting (or it can be a prompt idk which ever you prefer).

The prompting is open to anyone who would like to ask me something, so if we don't know each other or aren't really friends yet you are very welcome to prompt me something if you feel like it ! :)

So yeah pick a date and give me something to talk about and hopefully everything is going to be all right.

I don't know what I got myself into but let's do it anyway. It feels like an adventure ^^

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Hoya swagger
11th-Jan-2014 12:02 am - So I've started a new Drama...
When I'm done with this post you shall all watch this new drama ! But this is very specially dedicated to ever_neutral !

This drama is the follower of The Heirs on the drama agenda or something. It's called 'My Love from the Star' or 'Man from the Star' , no one agrees on the translation anyway.

[Sexy pics but nothing too spoilery]

Can I just say that all this is happening because of Jamie and THIS ! So I'm not the one responsible for what is happening right now. this scene is pretty epic tho !

But honestly who wouldn't want to see those two gorgeous creatures interact ? I mean please.

Him being an I don't know how old alien living on earth for the last 400 years and being emotionally retarded (sorry man but you don't know how to deal with emotions, if you know what that is)

And her being a super successful actress trying to deal with her fame and her bipolar fans. Letting all her anger out by singing all alone in her bathroom at night.

If you are still not convinced, I thought I'd let you know that Kim Soo Hyun (playing the role of Do Min Joon aka Alien guy) wears glasses in this drama

And did I forget to mention that there are some pretty hot showering scenes ?...

Oh and there's a Hyung that is soooooo horrible that in comparison Kim Tan's Hyung is a harmeless little puppy who doesn't want to behave. This Hyung really deserves to die ! Like he MUST die ! Evilness level : 10 000.

Well anyway I think that this drama is a great one to watch after The Heirs because it's much more FUN ! And the characters are great, especially the two leading roles ! And OMG the story gets so intense there is like so much suspense. The narrative is much more intriguing than in The Heirs (okay no so hard to do) and is also more important. It's not all about the romance. So that's cool !

And if you are a flashback-scenes lover you must also watch this drama ! Lots of flashbacks from diffrent timelines !!!! \o/

But URGH I can say no more. Just watch the first episode. If you're not convinced watch the second one. If you're still not convinced watch the third one and you won't be able to stop watching.

Honestly this is a very enjoyable drama, fun to watch with swaggycool characters/actors and good character developpment/interaction. So just watch it already.

With all my love

\<3/   o//<3     <3\o/

(credits to ever_neutral and vergoldung for this heart-throwing emo)
Oh! Regarde! Des oiseaux!
6th-Dec-2013 04:43 am - Presentations are in order!
Hello! I'm Myriam :)

I've juste landed in fandom world (even though I've already had multiple fandom related discussions with my sister you know how older sisters can be) and I'm kinda excited about all this!

I'm currently studying European Ethnology and Cultural Studies in Berlin (names translated from German, just know it's culture related). Lately I've been having some issues with the teaching methods and the entire system of University. So let's say that for now I'm a student.

I don't really know what else I should tell you about myself, so if there is something you would want to know feel free to ask me anything ! :)

Moving on to more joyful subjects : FANDOM ! :D

I must admit that nothing gets me in a more fangirly mood than K-Dramas, they just have the power to make you feel so euphoric. It's crazy! Same goes for K-Pop (no wonder they have such a huge invested fanbase) and Janelle Monae. I know she's not korean, but she is the Q.U.E.E.N. of my life ! DEAL.WITH.IT.

Shows/Series I'm currently watching (and enjoying (who would watch shows they don't enjoy??) )

Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time in Wonderland

The Originals

The Heirs of sweaters (K-Drama)

I'll gladly share my thoughts on those with you if you want :) (I'll also try to post regularly about them, if I have the time and energy)

For the moment I'm not really into writing fanfics (but who knows, that might change) however I like reading them occasionally. :)

Otherwise I've watched a few other shows but I don't really remember them in detail... (short time memory... oups)

That's all for this first (journal) post.

Looking forward to meet you (weird, creepy, scary, passionated, funny ElJay people)
Oh! Regarde! Des oiseaux!
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