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sissimoc's Journal

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Hi, you can call me Myriam

I'm a little baby n00b who's been freshly initiated to ElJay (and fandom world in general), but I'll learn quickly (I hope! I promise!) so please be nice and patient.

Otherwise I like to (over)think about a lot of things, sometimes it becomes a little overwhelming (and gets out of control) and I'm not sure I like it that much anymore.

I always want to do a lot of things but I usually end up not doing them (even if I have started them) which is kind of frustating.

As you might have already noticed that I like using brackets (or parentheses, which ever you prefer) A LOT. I think it's kind of a family thing so I can't really do anything about it... Sorry if that irritates you.

Also I wanted to say that english is not my mother tongue, so I appologise in advance for any grammatical or spelling mistakes. (You can talk to me in French or German if you prefer.)

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ask a slave (webseries), brown eyed grils, buffy the vampire slayer, fairy tales, family, feminism, freedom (obvs i'm french), game of thrones, gender, girl!power, hayao miyazaki films, infinite, janelle monae, k-drama, k-pop, le petit prince, le roi et l'oiseau, mc solaar, myths and legends, once upon a time, onceuponatime in wonderland, over thinking, playful kiss, problematic issues, sexuality, siblings love, tabou subjects, the heirs (k-drama), the l word, the lizzie bennet diaries, the originals, the vampire diaries, understanding, vixx